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strum's bbq CATERINg menu



All food is cooked directly onsite.

We will create a custom menu for any event.

pricing starts at $35.00 per person

appetizers with meals start $55.00 per person

(10 LBS feeds approximately 30 people)


Advance notice for large catering ORDERS is appreciated. If possible, we kindly ask for 2 weeks prior notice for catering orders.

(815) 710-5150


all catering orders are to be picked up.

some items are only available for onsite catering in order to maintain the best possible standard of quality.


Buns are included with all catering orders.

Main entrees

Pulled pork $15 to $20.00 per Lb.

pork RIBS 1/2 Slab $15; full slab $30

beef brisket $25.00 to $30 per lb.

*Smoked Chicken $15 per lb.

(*is available for on-site catering only)

Smoked salmon $60

(large Flank)

Side dishes


1/2 tray $30; full tray $60

brisket Baked Beans

1/2 tray$40; full tray $80

Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

1/2 tray$30; full tray $60


pulled pork Poppers

Chicken Poppers

bacon-wrapped shrimp $5 each

Bacon-wrapped Pickle Chips

Stuffed pickle chips

(brisket or pork with 4 types of cheese)

Chicken Bomb

Brisket Bomb

Pork Bomb

$3 to $5 (each)

(50 count max per order)

​ MENU AND PRICING ARE subject to change without notice due to market AVAILABILITY.

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